Training Testimonials

“It is so much more enjoyable to take her on walks.” – Rachel & Mike

“Very pleased that undesireable habits have subsided due to training.” – Byrni
Dogs in Car

“Amazed at what he can do in just a few days.” – David

“It is a joy to walk Izzy on a lead outside without getting dragged” – Cherie

“Penny is very responsive to all members of our family.” – Mike and Tina

“Ruby is a different dog now. We are so happy with her progress.” – Rachel

“We are very pleased with the progress. His skills exceed our expectation.” – Kathy

“She is more confident and less anxious. She listens to instructions well – our friends are impressed!” – Jerri

“I have learned tools to help my dog succeed.” – Beverly

“He is a different dog. Awesome!” – Brian

“Very good with all commands, especially wait.” – Stephanie


Lodging Testimonials

Happy Family

“Great care, personal service.” – Rakesh

“I appreciate how attentive the staff is to the animals as soon as you bring them in. One definitely gets a good vibe the moment you walk through the door.” – Shawnie

“My go-to location these days. The staff is friendly, the prices and hours are reasonable and I’ve never had a problem.” – Kelly


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